32TB of Windows 10 Internal Builds & Source Code Leaked Online

A massive archive of Microsoft's top-secret Windows 10 builds, and the source codes for private software has been reportedly leaked online, which could lead to a nasty wave of Windows 10 exploits. The Leaked files – uploaded on BetaArchive website – contains more than 32 terabytes of data, which includes many non-public Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 builds created by Microsoft engineers

The CIA’s Drug Smuggling Airline

If you’re familiar with the American war on drugs, then it may not surprise you to learn that the CIA represents one of the largest drug dealing organizations in history. The CIA originally designed LSD with the help of a Swiss manufacturer as a “mind control drug” as part of their MK Ultra program, hoping that it would allow patients under the influence to commit unspeakable acts commanded by the government and then forget they ever happened. Of course, this plan backfired, and then the CIA introduced LSD to the American population. The CIA has played a crucial role in … Continue reading

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Tesla Was Right

Palo Alto, CA — Scientists at Stanford University have figured out how to wirelessly transmit electricity between moving objects, overcoming previous limitations and possibly bringing Nikola Tesla’s vision of a global wireless power grid closer to reality. Using technology originally developed in 2007 at MIT to wirelessly transmit electricity between stationary objects, the research team was able to achieve a power transfer between moving objects based on magnetic resonance coupling. When electricity moves through wires, it creates an oscillating magnetic field, which in turn causes electrons in wire coils nearby to oscillate, thus transferring energy. However, if the oscillating coils … Continue reading

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The Criminal Laws of Counterinsurgency

Douglas Valentine has once again added to the store of knowledge necessary for American citizens to understand how the U.S. government actually works today, in his most recent book entitled The CIA As Organized Crime. (Valentine previously wrote The Phoenix Program, which should be read with the current book.) Some of the original detainees jailed at the Guantanamo Bay prison, as put on display by the U.S. military. The U.S. “deep state” – of which the CIA is an integral part – is an open secret now and the Phoenix Program (assassinations, death squads, torture, mass detentions, exploitation of information) … Continue reading

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Uh Oh

Nasa’s eagle-eyed asteroid hunting team have spotted 1803 potentially hazardous asteroids. A ROCK hurtling through space will make a close encounter with Earth on Saturday, according to Nasa. But don’t cancel the BBQ just yet – it’s unlikely to smash into our planet. If it did, it could potentially wipe out life as we know it. So Nasa is keeping an eye on it just in case. The asteroid – named 441987 (2010 NY65) – is marked as a concern because it’s 230 meters in diameter and traveling just 7.9 lunar distances (that’s about three million km) from us. This Nasa … Continue reading

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Slouching Towards the Post-Legal Society

Cultural Marxism:  From show trials to no trials If the property is the proverbial nine points of the law, it is not surprising that Marxism, its frontal attack on property having stalled out (NB: ideology aside, we all like our “stuff”) would have eventually gotten around to launching a second front against law itself.  The total annihilation of law never succeeded with Communism Classic (Stalin’s version), since the Soviet state needed a judicial apparatus to highlight its superiority to “bourgeois law” …not to mention providing a half-way house on the way to the Gulag.  The nightmare of totalitarianism having been … Continue reading

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Conditioning Citizens To Obey

Can you count how many ways the government manipulates people to be the type of citizen they can easily control? I think that would be impossible to come up with an actual number when every facet of government is dedicated to shaping the citizen in ways contrary to his or her nature. It ranges from tax credits for having kids to increased welfare for being a single mom; from subsidies for growing corn to mandates to eradicate invasive species. The government is changing citizens’ behavior with incentives and disincentives, which destroys the natural spontaneous order society would otherwise fall into. … Continue reading

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Liberty at the Movies: Get Out

Get Out has been the surprise hit of the winter. A low-budget horror movie, it has grossed almost $200 million at the box office. The film is an excellent horror movie, which pays homage and makes good use of numerous horror-movie standards -- [...]

A Beginner’s Urban Survival Prepping Guide: Basic Urban Self Defense Guide And Survival Tips in the Prepping Urban Environment(The Prepper’s Urban survival … A Beginner’s Urban Survival Prepping

A Beginner's Urban Survival Prepping Guide: Basic Urban Self Defense Guide And Survival Tips in the Prepping Urban Environment(The Prepper’s Urban survival ... A Beginner's Urban Survival Prepping
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icitizen poll: 7 in 10 U.S. adults believe third party is needed for 2020 election

In response to a growing partisan divide, civic engagement platform icitizen conducted a poll on how interested U.S. adults would be in a third party as a viable alternative to the two-party system. Highlights include: 70% of Americans believe the two major parties do not represent them well and a third party is necessary (16% say […]

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Two British Men Arrested For Hacking Microsoft

British police have arrested two men in the UK conspiring to hack into the computer networks of US tech giant Microsoft with plans to steal customers’ data from the software giant. The suspects — 22-year-old from Sleaford and a 25-year-old from Bracknell — were arrested by the detectives from the Britain's South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) Thursday morning (22 June 2017). The